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A major motion picture starring Ben Kingsley and Theo James, my gripping true story ofas a young program coordinator at the United Nations who stumbles upon a conspiracy involving Iraq's oil reserves.


"What made this episode in our collective history possible was not so much the lies we told one another, but the lies we told ourselves."


A recent Brown University graduate, Michael Soussan was elated when he landed a position as a program coordinator for the United Nations' Iraq Program. Little did he know that he would end up a whistleblower in what PBS NewsHour described as the "largest financial scandal in UN history."

Breaking a conspiracy of silence that had prevailed for years, Soussan sparked an unprecedented corruption probe into the Oil-for-Food program that exposed a worldwide system of bribes, kickbacks, and blackmail involving ruthless power-players from around the globe.


At the crossroads of pressing humanitarian concerns, crisis diplomacy, and multibillion-dollar business interests, Soussan's story highlights core flaws of our international system and exposes the frightening, corrupting power of the black elixir that fuels our world's economy.

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Theo James, Per Fly & Michael Soussan Discuss Their Film,
"Backstabbing for Beginners"
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