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Michael Soussan



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Writer w/ Oliver Stone

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Josh Lucas


Producer & Collaborator

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Daniel L. Cruise

Director of Communications

Member of Executive Council

Director of Public Affairs

 National Security Council

The Clinton White House

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 Recommendation: Michael Soussan


I have always appreciated Mr. Soussan’s expertise in the area of public diplomacy, African affairs and Middle East politics. 


His articles and opinion pieces, published in international publications and newspapers, are always insightful and offer a different perspective on the world we live in. 


On some occasions, I asked Mr. Soussan to brief me and my colleagues on a number of international issues.  His expertise is unique, and he ability to distill complex international issues into actionable advice is uncommon.  Mr. Soussan has, in my opinion, achieved a level of skill as a writer and analyst of world affairs that puts him on par with some of the best in his field.

Don't hesitate to contact me for additional information. 

Daniel L. Cruise

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To Whom It May Concern:

I have found Mr. Soussan’s work to be exceptionally valuable, incisive and distinctive.  His writings as a journalist are of a very high caliber indeed. 


His commentary, which was published with a wide variety of publications, including with us, at the The New York Times and The International Herald Tribune, are always well researched and extremely relevant. He has a unique ability to write with a clear voice.

Please contact me should you need further insights.

Warn Regards.

Jad Mouawad

The New York Times

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                Before going to Show-runners the project I wrote was

              Co-Financed by:                                  Selected by:                         Featured in:

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United States Central Command

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Original Scanned Documents Available upon request

Final Appraisal: Michael Soussan

Scope of Duties: (summary) Michael Soussan served a Program Coordinator and Acting Spokesman for the Office of the Iraq Program. The scope of his work included preparing reports for presentation by the Secretary-general of the United Nations to the UN security Council, liaising with nine UN agencies and well as the UN weapons Inspectors. He traveled to Iraq with Under-Secretary General and reported on meetings with the highest-level officials of the Iraqi Government and the Kurdish Authorities.

Appraisal: (Literal text): In all his capacities, Mr. Soussan has amply demonstrated his efficiency, competence and integrity in the course of his duties. Turn-around time for tasks was very short and deadlines were consistently met. He carries out his duties with a high degree of competence. 

Mr. Soussan has worked at a level far above his grade, taking on the duties of Office Chiefs when requested, and acted swiftly and competently to protect staff under duress, including during active conflict. For Mr. Soussan's grade and age he displays remarkable intellectual acumen, analytical and interpersonal skills:  "Consistently Exceeded Expectations

Signd by the Director of Program Management, Bo Asplund, and the Under Secretary General for Internal Security and the Iraq Program

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Recommendation by Richard Roth UN and Diplomatic Correspondent


"Mr. Soussan worked with me when I was CNN's bureau chief at the UN and in a variety of capacities at the News Desk, assisting a string of News and Talk Shows like Larry King Live and many others. He covered the opening of the World Trade Center after the initial bombing by Al-Qaeda and Crisis meetings of the UN Secutiy Council and interviewed Ambassadors and other people of interest. He showed an ability to hit the ground running and "take the heat" when situations required it. He moved on the pursue a Masters Degree. 

Every supervisor/collaborator or producer I have worked for is available. Further contacts upon request. 


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